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*13 March 2018 | March 13 2018

*(14 May 2019) Links may be broken. (14 May 2019)

ATHEIST PROFESSOR IN HELL! Best testimony EVER! The Lazarus Phenomenon Placebo, by Howard Pittman
Bryan Melvin
Hell pictures_ A Trip To Hell 23 Hours Dead Testimony
Bill Wiese
Emmanuel Agyarko
Mohammed Jesus Visits Thousands of Muslims
Buddhist Monk
Muhammad is in Hell
TOP 10 THING *(21 May 2019) Added this because its very important.

*(2022 July 7)
I also wanted to add the following testimonies:
Griselda Blanco in hell (2022 July 8)

*2022 July 8
I will also add this testimony here:
Philip Mantofa Goes To Hell
*Watch at 9:50 of the video where he says something powerful imagery..
Of 7 people mocking him at the alter on the balcony and he saw a vision of those 7 people mocking him holding hands and jumping in to the lake of fire..

*(2022 September 25) I will also move this testimony to the front of the page..
*Eric Wilson Martial Arts Testimony - Part 1 of 9
*Also.. be sure to at least watch part 5 of 9.. because of powerful imagery..
*Eric Wilson Martial Arts Testimony - Part 5 of 9

*2022 July 8
Ok listen..
Watch all the chrisian testimonies on this home front page..
If a link is broken.. search for it on youtube..
If you watch christian testimonies on youtube.. You would know
there is a lot of people in hell getting punished tortured tormented etc forever and it will never end..
You have females getting raped forever..
People being chopped up in to pieces and their body parts come back together and the whole ordeal happens again and again over and over again forever..
You have people being bludging.. bludgeoned with big bats and just smashing and grinding and twisting the peoples bodies with these bats etc..
Peoples s*xual parts are being stabbed over and over again.. forever..
And you have peoples flesh being ripped off.. bones broken by the demons..
and flesh also eaten by the demons..
Thrown in to grinding machines..
And people burning forever in the lake of fire or in cauldrens and all sorts of places..
And people having to re-live the things they did in their life etc..
*You got famouse people in hell..
You have Bruce lee in hell.. michael jackson.. the pope.. martin luther king jr. .. kobe bryant and his daughter both in hell.. 2 pac is in hell.. you have buddha in hell.. muhammad in hell..
So many luke warm christians in hell..
So many christians not following the bible correctly in hell..
Like false churches like catholicism.. mormons.. latter day saints.. jehovahs.. seventh day adventists.. and Ellen g white is in hell.. billy graham is in hell.. you have so many known people in hell..
Buddhism goes to hell.. hinduism goes to hell.. islam goes to hell.. So many lukewarm christians going to hell who are not following the bible right.. Or they go to a fake church..
So many celbrities all in hell .. so many well known people all in hell.. and so many fake christians all in hell...
You can easily do a youtube search on any celebrity or known person or religion or etc to see christian testimonies and what christian testimonies have to say about where they are in heaven or in hell etc..