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*14 March 2018 | March 14 2018

*The correct answer here is.
You have to ask God what you can and can't eat.

If someone put food on the table in the house.
You first have to ask God whether you can eat it or not.
If God says no.
Then you should not eat it.
If God says yes.
Then you can.

If you want to buy something to eat.
You have to ask God.
If God says yes.
Then you can.

*So Asking God.
Is Pretty much the same.
For Asking God any question.

*You can not eat "the Blood" of the creature which is its Life.
Genesis 9 - 4.

*Idk about The New Testament.

But The Old Testament says.

Leviticus 11.

About what you can and can't eat.

What is clean and unclean.

*Also reasons for being able to eat everything is.

The New Testament says.

One of them had a vision or so and saw creatures clean and unclean falling into a net.

Also maybe a verse that says everything is clean.
Accept what may come out of a person eg speech.

Christians are mainly Goyim/ Gentile/ non Israle etc.
And they eat anything.
Which means they can eat anything.

*None the less.

What The New Testament says.
I do not know.
And is unclear.

So I can not say A Christian can eat everything.
Even Pig.
Which Leviticus says not to eat.

So The New Testament is unclear.

*But once again.
All you have to do.
Is Ask/ Pray or whatever to God for an answer on what you can or can't eat.

*Also you can not be Vegan.
You have to eat meat.

If you disagree.
Pray and ask God for that answer.

..If you get no answer.
Then the answer is probably or safer to say is 'No'.
No you can not be Vegan.

*So Technically.
Any question or problem or so you have.
All you have to do is pray to God for an answer.

*And don't ask how to Pray.
Its as easy as Intently Talking To God. (Etc).

*So God may not allow you to eat:
Prawns, crabs, lobster, muscles, squid, Pig, etc.

This may be for a certain period of time or it can just only be for a day.
Or He just doesn't want you to eat that food at all.

*It may be because there is something wrong with the food.
You may get sick from eating it.
Or maybe there is nothing wrong with the food.
And you are just meant to Obey God.

*(26 April 2019) I have eaten animal blood.
I have eaten animal brain.
But You Are not allowed to eat animal blood.
You are not allowed to eat animal brains.
You are not allowed to eat animal sexual organs.
You are not allowed to eat creature eyes.
Obviously you are not allowed to eat humans etc.
Just Pray to God and ask God what you can and can't eat.

25 April 2019

*I use to be 100 % Vegan for about 1 year.
I think I started sometime in 2016 and stopped sometime in 2017.
All I did was think about food, search about to make vegan food etc and make food.
All I did was think about food.
Because once your necessity such as food is being challenged thats all you do.
I had to cook myself because no one else was going to cook me vegan food.
Everyone in my family ate meat.
I use to buy/ make things like Coca Cola, Fried noodles, Spaghetti, Pasta soup (E.G. pasta, water, seasoning, vegetables, etc), Fried Rice, Burgers, Chicken nuggets/ strips, Pizza, Lasagne, chips/ gravy, ice cream, chocolate, soy milk, other milks, Etc.
Many vegan food is bad.
Anything with meat is great.
The food I made wasn't so good.
It would be cool if I created an international vegan chain.

I stopped being vegan because God made it clear to me.
God also tells me I can't be vegan.
If it wasn't for God.
If it wasn't for Christian.
I would be 100% Vegan.
I would only kill cockroaches, spiders, insects, etc.

If not for God.
I would be 100% Vegan.

27 April 2019

*I don't care about healthy eating.
I just eat whatever I want.
I don't care about businesses and advertisments advertising healthy eating, programs, etc.
I just eat whatever I want.
However You Should know what your body can and can't take.
And how much you can take.
So what works for me may not work for you.
I don't believe in these businesses and other people who promote this.
I say this because there are a lot of people who believe/ accept healthy eating.
So You Should know what your body can and can't take.
And how much you can take.
And what works for me may not work for you.

*I don't believe in malnutrition.
I don't think it affects the growth of someone or significantly, the brain, mind, development, the person it self.
You don't have 2 people the same to test in 2 controlled environments to see if one grows significantly taller than the other and other things.
The malnutrition person would just be eg skinnier and have less power, energy, etc.
But they will still be themself.
Of course no one 'should' be malnutrition.

*Also a bad environment or pollution in the air.
I don't think this would affect a person that much either.
The person will still be themself.
Unless its severe environmental or non environmental effects.
It will affect the persons health.
But the person will still be themself.

28 April 2019

*I am not vegan anymore.
So I can eat meat. (I hate vegetables, etc).
What I like to eat is Coca cola, Hot pot (E.G. Noodles, meats beef/ beef balls, chicken, seafood, etc, tofu, vegetables, seasoning, mushrooms, quail eggs, etc), stir fried prawns and rice, Bone marrow, meats marinated in (spit) sauce (E.G. Onion, Garlic, Lemon grass, brown sugar, Honey, Oyster sauce, Salt and (red? or any) Wine or Beer; You also need to know the proportion/ quantity to mix the ingredients or it won't be 'right'), Peaking duck with hoising sauce and rice (optional), (Steamed) Duck eggs (with the baby duck inside) (Balut) with seasoning and rice is optional and I only eat the egg not the baby duck, Pho, Stir fried rice noodle 'wet' with beef or seafood or combination etc/ it looks like or is 'Chow fun' 'wet', Some kind of Crab dish with rice, Quail eggs, Stir fried Egg noodle dish, Mcdonalds Big Mac and pouring Mcdonalds Sweet and Sour sauce into the burger as well as all the other Mcdonalds foods, Etc.