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*5 May 2019

Looking at verses Luke 22 17 - 20, Matthew 26 26 - 29, Mark 14 22 - 25, etc.
Luke 22 19 says something about doing this in memory of Jesus.
I think? this is a requirement?.
So you should do it 'if' you can.

*Giving Thanks.
I don't even know what that means.
But I guess that means Thanking God.
Praising God.
I don't know if its Thanking God for the bread and wine.
Or For What God will/ has done with Jesus and sins etc.
Or What.
Or Thanking God for at least those 2 things.
But yes be sure to Thank God for those 2 things etc.
As well as any other thing you think of etc.
So Thank God.
Thank God The Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

Does the bread/ Matzah need to be unleavened or leavened or etc.
I don't know.
But when I Pray and ask God.
God tells me it doesn't have to be unleavened.
*What bread can you use?
I don't know.
But when I Pray to God.
God tells me I can use any bread.
You can even use slices of a bread loaf.
You can take one or as many slices of bread pieces out and then Thank God for it.
Any bread left over including the loaf must be thrown away.
You can use any bread.
But be sure if your in the supermarket etc to ask God to guide you to which bread to buy.
If you are doing it for yourself.
Then one bread or roll is sufficient.

I think wine is right.
Not grape juice or whatever.
So if you have a wine bottle or other type.
You can pour the wine into a cup.
And give Thanks. (To the cup of wine.)
Any wine left over in the cup must be thrown away.
The wine bottle can be reused for another time of the same occassion.
The left over wine bottle must not be used for other purposes.
You can give thanks to the 'whole' bottle of wine.
Then process to pour it into cups.
Any left over wine must be thrown away.
That includes the left over wine in the wine bottle etc.

*How often per year do you do this?
I don't know.
But I Prayed to God.
And God tells me I can do it once a year.
On any day.
And at any time of the day.
You can also do it as many times a year as you want.
As for me.
I would do it on the passover day.
It is on the 15th of Nisan of the Hebrew month.
March or April.
Local time.
Be sure to check this time your self.
So when Jesus did this.
It was on Pesach/ passover.
So I would do it at night.
Or after sunset etc.
Also because it was pesach.
You may want to eat lamb with it.
However you can eat anything with it.
In fact food other then the bread and wine is probably not apart of this occassion.
But when Jesus did this.
It was Pesach/ Passover.
So If You want.
You can do this whilst eating dinner.
Also different Church denominations.
Do this at anytime during the day.
As well as either weekly, monthly or quarterly etc.
But as for me.
I recommend doing this once a year preferably on Passover.

*So all you have to do is.
Buy wine.
Buy bread.
You can do this at home.
Take bread and I guess? put it up towards the sky and give Thanks to God.
Then break/ tear/ rip the bread.
And put it on a plate or give it to people to eat or eat it yourself.
Then take the wine put it in a cup and put the cup up towards the sky to God and give Thanks to God.
Then you can drink it.
Or You can pick up the wine bottle or casket etc and put it up to the sky to God and give Thanks to God.
Then pour the wine in cups and drink it.
Also any left over bread must be thrown away.
Any wine that has been giving Thanks to must be thrown away.
If a wine bottle hasn't been giving Thanks to you can keep that next time for the same occassion.
But if you gave Thanks to the bottle.
Then you must throw that out etc.

*So what is the importance/ observance of this occassion?
I don't know.
You can read The Bible and maybe you will figure it out yourself.
I don't really understand The Bible.
But I guess the occassion has to do with God, Jesus, Sins, etc.

*Also I don't know if the bread and wine transforms etc into the body of Jesus and Blood or The Body of Jesus and Blood is consumed along with the bread and wine etc Or its a metaphor or etc.
If I had to pick.
I would say the 'whole' of the bread and wine is transformed into The Body Of Jesus and Blood.
And of course the substances do not change in appearance etc.
So Because Its whole; You Are Not consuming any bread or wine.