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*2022 July 8


*Ok the video to this christian testimony has been removed..
So Based on what I remember I will desribe what I think it was about..

So God or Jesus Christ who Is God took a man down to hell to witness how hell is..
He was put in to the lake of fire.. And he could see others around him also..
And those closer to the edge of the lake of fire...
There were demons hitting them and their skulls with baseball bats with sharp or nails on the baseball bat.. and also their bodies would melt in the fire..
And the demons will take the bodies out so and the bodies just lay there on the ground rejuvinating themself... And than the whole ordeal will happen again and again
and again over and over again.. no time for rest..
Also take in to account hell is a hot place with fire and sulfer and smoke so its hard to breathe.. so there really is no rest etc..