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*16 March 2018 | March 16 2018

*Sabbath is on the 7 th day.
The 7th day is a Saturday.
The first day of the week is a Sunday.

*You can do Sabbath at anytime you think is right.
Evening to evening.
6 PM Friday to 6 PM Saturday.
Midnight to Midnight.
12 am on a Friday night which is Saturday To Saturday night which is a Sunday.
6 Am Saturday to 6 AM Sunday.
Because the day should start at sunrise which is usually around 6 AM.

You must do Sabbath.
Because It is A Commandment.

*30 June 2019

*The 7th day of the week is Saturday.
You must not do any work.
You must keep it holy and rest.

*You should do Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. (Sunset/ Evening etc)
Because the Hebrew day begins at sunset and ends at sunset the next day.
The hebrews/ jews are the people that/ who God gave The Bible to.

*You must not do any work.
And keep the day holy and rest.

*If you have or want to do something on Sabbath.
Just Pray to God and ask God if you can or can't.

18 April 2020

*So Sabbath is after sunset or at sunset Friday to after sunset or at sunset Saturday.

*I just came to say something.

The Bible kept saying Jesus Christ was Healing on Sabbath.
They accussed him or so of working on sabbath but Jesus says its allowed.

So the point I am making is.
Hospitals must remain operational on sabbath the same any other day.

That is all.

But Hospitals and the doctors are hilarious.
They pretty much can't do anything.

They can't heal you of infections, dieseaes, death, blind, mute, leprosy, can't walk, bring people back to life, or anything.

The only useful things are surgions because you may get shot or stabbed Or people who do that stuff if not surgions.

If only I can and other real christians can do what Jesus Christ does.

But its so hard to do.

So thats why we have to rely on hospitals even though they can't do nothing.
They are a laughing stock hospitals are.

But if you laugh at the The Christians.
Then we will see when Judgement comes.

And for those christians out there you can't be luke warm you can't be half in and half out.
You have to be 100% with Jesus or Christian.
Or you will go to Hell.
So many christian who are not all in with Jesus are going to hell.
So every christian should pick which side their on and be 100% in or out.
Or you will go to Hell if you are luke warm.

Anyway so because we can't do what Jesus does or the most of us.
We have to rely on hospitals.
But hospitals and the doctors can't really do anyhting anyway.