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*2022 July 17

Don't worry about what I wrote below it is outdated and means nothing..
I just prayed to God today.. And God tells me there is no love making in heaven at all.
So I repeat.. God says there is no love making in heaven at all..

Also do not read what I wrote below.. It is outdated.. And no longer needed..

Also.. God told me vasactomy or sterilisation is also not allowed..
I repeat.. Vasactomies or sterilisation for male or female is not allowed..
So modifications to the body are not allowed etc..

Also.. You can not use birth control pills or anything of such..
But I God told me you can use a condom's.. But I am not sure.. So I will first need to speak to other prophets to see what God tells them..
Because maybe you can only enegage in s*xual intercourse for reproduction purposes..

**Also do not read what I wrote below.. That was years ago.. So just follow this update that I just wrote here etc..

*3 Nov 2019

*I have really been taking notice of Christianity for 8/ 7 years.
And I always thought that there was no love making/ Sex in Heaven.
Then days ago or last week or so I decided to Pray to God to ask myself.
God tells me there is Sex in Heaven.
There is Love making in Heaven.

*God also tells me that I will have over 1000 wives in Heaven.

*So that is what God tells me.

People may say where are the females coming from eg earth or is God creating them out of nothing in Heaven?
God tells me the females come from the linage of Adam and Eve.
So I think they are born on earth or get aborted and then grow up in Heaven or so.

People may say are they forced to marry someone?
God tells me they are not forced.
I guess God doesn't force people.
So these females will agree to it.

How old are these females?
God tells me they will be adults.
They will be 20 years old.

Also you can not marry a Child or teenager in Heaven.
You can only marry a adult.

But you can marry children and teens aged 4 and above on earth.
But this is not permitted in Heaven.

Also a female can only have one husband.

*Also I also found out this is not for everyone.
Not everyone will have access to more than one wife.
Or maybe they will be given no wives and have no wives???
But this is not for everyone.
But speaking for myself I have prayed to God and God tells me I will have over 1000 wives.
So thats for me.
I don't know about anybody else.
You will have to pray to God to ask for another wife in Heaven and there is no guarantee you will get it.
So all you have to do is Pray to God and ask.

Also if you already have a wife.
And you want more wives in Heaven.
If you current wife doesn't allow you to have another wife.
Then you either can't or you have to break up with your current wife in order to do so which is not recommended.

*God also tells me that I don't or have not earned the over 1000 wives yet so that means I still have to do stuff in order for me to earn it.
I don't know or am sure what I have to do.
But that doesn't matter because I am already told I will get it.

*So I Prayed to God and God tells me.

There is Love making/ Sex in Heaven.

And I will be given over 1000 wives.
Who are all from the linage of Adam and Eve and they all agree to marry me.

I don't care what anyone says.
Speaking for myself.
I don't know if this is true or not.
I don't know if this is true or not.
But I don't care what anyone says.
I will make this claim.

*Just as I had the understanding there is no Sex in Heaven.
The Churches and people also think that too I think.
Accept the mormons? and anyone else who thinks there is Sex in Heaven.
But who cares about mormons because its False.

But I created my own Church.
My own teachings.
And I claim there is Love making/ Sex in Heaven.
I differ from the the other Churches and people who preach there is no sex in Heaven.

There is hundreds, thousands of Christian denominations and people teaching different teachings out there.
So how do you know which one to pick?
You don't.
You just have to pick which one you think is right.

Also just because I am honest and speak truth.
Doesn't mean I am right.

I don't know if I am right.
But I will stick with honest and truth.
When I discern between what is from God and what isn't.

So you can call me and my Church crazy.
For making all these claims.
I don't care.
I care that God told me these things and I am sticking with it.

I don't care if you agree or believe me or not.

Well my Church claims there is Sex in Heaven.
What does your Church or you say about that question?

Why don't you just Pray to God and ask God yourself?

*I don't care about Love.
To me Love is a fantasy a fairy tale.
It only happens to some people.

I can't get the girl/ female that I want.
So therefore Love is not real to me.

However maybe you may love someone just because they are their spouse.

What is also true is.
If you are in a relationship with someone who is not so attractive.
Then God or someone offers you or you find someone who is more attractive or someone who you really want.
You will not leave who your currently with in order to get the new female.
You will not leave your current female.
However this is not true for all.

If you can't get the female/ girl you want.
Then why settle with one average or below average or unattractive female.
When you can have 10 or 20 unattractive females.

If God offered me one female who I really liked/ attractive/ qualities.
Or 10 or 20 females who are average or below average.
I would pick the perfect female instead of 10 or 20 average females.

*If I get over 1000 wives I don't care if they like me or not.
I just care about Loyalty and honesty, truth, and Love is a bonus if its there/ true. And they don't cheat on my in Heaven or earth and anywhere else.
It will be just like Prostitues or Pornography they don't need to like you.
So I don't care if they like me or not.
They just have to agree to be my wife.

I don't care if they don't like me.
I don't care about love.
Especially if you keep getting rejected by females.

*Females/ Girls are all Bitches accept the ones who will accept you.

*So I/ My Church makes a claim that:
There is Love making/ Sex in Heaven.

As I already mentioned on Church rules.
Married couples can use contraception.
But once again I am not sure.
And just about everything I am unsure about such as what I eat or do or anything else.
I repent before and after I do something.
Just keep repenting.

*So this Church claims:

There is Love making/ Sex in Heaven.

I hate sexuality.
It would be better if God never created Sexuality or anything to do wih Sexuality/ Sex etc.