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*25 April 2020 | April 25 2020

*If you will not die for Jesus Christ then you will go to Hell.

I am not trying to talk big.
I am actually very afraid of death.
I am afraid to get beheaded or gun shots or so.

But if I am preaching to someone.
I need to tell them if they won't die for Jesus then they will go to Hell.
Or more specifically if they are put in a situation where they have to reject Jesus in order to live then they will have to not reject Jesus and thus die for Jesus so they get to go to Heaven.

I am here to discuss and prepare people for the mark of the beast time.
Even though people are getting beheaded, shot, killed around the world already probably muslims killing christians.
But the real time is the mark of the beast.
I want you to get into the mentality of dying for Jesus.
You have to keep taking time out to think and prepare yourself to do this terrible ordeal.

I also say.
If a Christian follows everything God says but when the time comes rejects Jesus so they can live.
Will they go to Hell? I think so.
Also if a Christian tries to follow everything God says but fails to but will certainly not reject jesus if put in said situation.
Will they go to Heaven? I don't know.

It is sad that Christians will reject Jesus in order to avoid death.
These people will go to Hell.
Its so very sad that people will reject Jesus in order to avoid death.
I Pray that every Christian never rejects God even if their life is at stake.
But its sad because the prophecies/ christian testimonies already say there will be Christians who will reject Jesus to avoid death.

But all it is is just pain and then you will be in Heaven.
Its like an operation.
You know if you get through the pain and operation everything will be alright.
So if you just endure the terribleness you will be in Heaven.
You just have to endure the terribleness.
I Pray it is quick.
I Pray there is no pain.
And whatever else.
To die is to Gain.
You just have to experience it then you get into Heaven.
You just have to die once.

Don't reject God so you can avoid death.
Hell is too bad.
I certainly won't go to Hell for this.
If all I had to do in order to get into Heaven and avoid Hell was to get Beheaded or shot once then I would.
Because Hell is really bad.
Hell is Forever.
Did you see the Hell Testimonies.
Its so Bad.
Why would you reject jesus.
You will then go to Hell.

So I just want everyone to prepare for the mark of the beast or if they ever find themselves in a life or death situation where they have to reject The Lord in order to live etc.
So I want people to prepare mentally and spiritually etc.
You have to be ready to die for Jesus.
This can happen anytime.
It is better to be prepared right away.
You have to be prepared to die for Jesus.

Also when I preach to someone.
I always tell them they have to be prepared to die for Jesus.

Also look at the corona virus.
This shows that everything is happening and going down now one after the other prophecies.
We are going home soon.
The devil has so much power having the whole world on lockdown and even closing down church.
That is so much power.
The devil can do anything.
This will eventually lead to the mark of the beast where there will be a cashless society.
And people will have to get the mark on your forehead or right hand in order to buy or sell.
Obviously don't get the mark.
Never deney Jesus.
If they tell you to deny Him (Referring to Jesus) and get the mark of the beast.
Don't deny Him.
Take the execution.
Take death or whatever they throw at you.

So yeah.
Just prepare yourself.
And keep preparing yourselves.
The time is now.
Prepare yourselves.

Prepare to Die for Jesus Christ.