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*14 March 2018 | March 14 2018

*(19 March 2018) There is more than one way to get Saved.
I used something like the following to get Saved. (19 March 2018).

1. Something like:
Accept that God sent Jesus (Yeshua) to die on the cross.
And rose again on the third day.
And is sitting at the right hand of God.


*Forgive God.
Forgive Others.
Forgive yourself.
For Things that have been done to you.

*Then God will forgive you.
For the things you have done etc.
(3 May 2019) So Forgive others etc for all the things done to you.
Also Repent and ask for forgiveness for all the things that you have done.
All your sins and everything else.
Then God will forgive you. (3 May 2019)

*Follow God's commandments in The Bible and revealations (Testimonies) and other stuff.

*Follow the 2 most important laws/ rules/ commandments in The Bible.
Which is like:
Love God with all your heart.
Treat others how you would want to be treated.

*Follow the 10 commandments.

*Follow other commandments in The Bible.

*Also anything else you will need to speak to God about it.

*Also get repent/ forgiveness/ cleared for marks, scars, changes to the body.
For Such as tatoo's, teeth, etc.

***(3 May 2019) This Church has now decided Baptism in water is required.
Be sure to read 'Do you need to get baptised (3 May 2019)'. (14 May 2019: Also available in the Posts tab/ section. 14 May 2019)
(6 June 2019) If You Have already been Baptised.
You can just follow these steps minus the Baptism because you have already been Baptised.
So just follow these steps without having to get Baptised again. (6 June 2019)

3. Accept The Spirit Of Truth. (Etc).

4. Practicing Christian.

*Practice the things in the Bible and Christianity.

*Also Trust/ Believe in Jesus (Yeshua).
Trust/ Believe in God, The Father.

*The Last Days.

*Once You are saved.
You must stay saved.

You can still go to Hell.
If you stop following the rules.

*I think there will be a resurrection or rapture at/ before/ etc the 7 year great tribulation.

Then if somehow you miss that ressurection.

And your in the 7 years.

Do not take The Mark Of The Beast.

Also If you are in a position to get beheaded or to take The Mark Of The Beast.
You must reject The Mark Of The Beast.
Thus you will get beheaded.

Better to get beheaded once here one earth.
Then it is to 'like' get beheaded over and over again in Hell.
For not following the rules.

If you make it through the 7 years or the 3 and a half years of reign be The Anti - Christ.

I Think there will be another Ressurrection after the 7 years.

And after the 7 years there will be a thousand year kingdom. (Millenium).

During this time.

Jesus will make His Kingdom on earth.

For 1000 years.

Be sure to keep following the commandments and rules.

Because you can still go to Hell during this time for not following the rules.

So be sure that even if you have made it to the Millenium Kingdom or whatever that you keep following what Jesus
Christ (Yeshua The Messiah) says.
Because you can still go to hell if you don't.

If you can travel up to the Kingdom Of God Or Heaven.
See If you can stay there and don't come back down.

Because If you are down here.
You can still go to Hell.

So After the 1000 year period.
The locked up Devil or satan or whoever will be allowed out again.

And I guess The Devil will wage war against Jesus Christ (Yeshua The Messiah).
By Gathering up a portion or whatever of earth's army against God.
But God takes care of them easily.

Then The Second Judgement will happen.

So Something like that.

*Also the lawless one/ man (The Man Of Lawlessness) will also be in the timeline somewhere.

So You have Barrack Obama as The Anti - Christ.
The First Beast.

And you have The Pope as The Second Beast.

And you have another character who is The Man Of Lawlessness who is yet to come as far as I can tell.


*Also make sure you have enough supplies for The Last Days for your family.
It could be for 3 and a half years or up to 7 idk.

*So Basically things you may or may not want to do.
Such as.
Forgive God and others.
And Follow the commandments.
And Stay Saved.