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*3 May 2019

*So you will have to:

*Accept/ Trust/ Believe that God send Jesus Christ (Yeshua The Messiah) to die on The Cross.
And Jesus rose again on the third day.
And is now sitting at the right hand of God in Heaven.

Forgive God.
Forgive others.
Forgive Yourself.
Forgive others (etc) for all the things done to you.
Repent (Ask for forgiveness and get cleared etc) for all the things you have done.
Then God will forgive you.

*Get Baptised in water.
Go find a Protestant Church and get Baptised.
You don't need to stay affiliated with them afterwards if you don't want to.
(6 June 2019) If You Have already been Baptised.
You do not need to get Baptised again.
You just have to follow these steps minus the Baptism. (6 June 2019)

*Then accept/ receive The Holy Spirit.
Eg. Pray to God saying that: "I accept The Holy Spirit."
Or "I receive The Holy Spirit."
(17 May 2019) Also.
You can do this anytime.
You can do this part when you get home. (17 May 2019)

*Then once that is all done.
You just follow The Bible as best you can.

*Also when you repent.
You can do that by.
Just Praying to God and asking God for forgiveness for all the things you have done.
As well as all the things you didn't mention or forgot to mention.
So 'Everything'.
All The Sins and everything else etc.

Then you can go get Baptised.

*You will also have to not take The Mark Of The Beast.
The mark on your forehead or right hand that you need in order to buy or sell.

*You also have to "Never" renounce (Leave) Jesus etc.
So if they say you either leave Jesus or you will die E.G. Beheaded.
Then you must not leave Jesus.
Or you will go to Hell.
An Example of a punishment in hell for leaving Jesus could be.
Getting beheaded over and over again for Eternity.
So therefore never leave Jesus.
Just die or get beheaded once instead of having to go to Hell and getting beheading over and over again.
So you must be willing and accept dieing for Jesus in order to go to Heaven.
If you can not do this.
Then don't join this Church.
Because you will go to Hell if you leave Jesus.

*So that is all you have to do in order to get Saved.

The Mark Of The Beast.
If you do not take The Mark Of The Beast.
That would mean you can't buy or sell etc.
That means you probably won't have food.
So therefore you will need to stock up if your country permits it.
So when you hear your Government talking about this mark.
Then you should beging to stock up.
It will be for 3 and a half years.
Maybe more.
I am not sure how its suppose to work.
It is also said that 'maybe' Rapture will happen before this. (Or Rapture will happen at more than one point throughout.)
Better stock up just incase when the Government talks about it etc.
Do not take The Mark Of The Beast.

*Also dying for Jesus.
You must accept dying for Jesus.
You must not leave Jesus.
I 'don't' know if this works.
But to help you if you are in this position.
You should Pray that if you are put in such a position.
E.G. That you do not feel any pain.
Or That Jesus takes you out of your body just before you get hurt or die etc.
So Pray something along those lines or so etc to help you deal with this terrible situation.
However there is no guarantee that this Prayer will work.
Maybe your meant to feel the pain of death etc.
You must never renounce Jesus.
Even if your own life is at stake.
Your reward is Heaven.

*Also Believe, Trust in Jesus Christ.

*Also Love God with all your heart.

*So in summary.

*Accept that God sent Jesus Etc.
*Get Baptised in water.
*Accept The Holy Spirit.
*Follow The Bible best you can.