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*24 April 2019

*So you need to:

*Accept that God sent Jesus Christ (Yeshua The Messiah) to die on The Cross.
And rose again on the third day.
And is now sitting at the right hand of God in Heaven.

*Forgive God.
Forgive others.
Forgive yourself.
And then God will forgive you.
(3 May 2019) So forgive others etc for all the things done to you.
Repent and ask for forgiveness for all the things you have done.
All your sins and everything.
Then God will forgive you. (3 May 2019)

***(3 May 2019) This Church now accepts Baptism in water.
It is now a requirement to get Baptised.
Check out 'Do you need to get baptised (3 May 2019)'. (3 May 2019) (14 May 2019: Also available in the Posts tab/ section. 14 May 2019)
(6 June 2019) If You Have already been Baptised.
You do not have to get Baptised again.
You just have to follow these steps minus the Baptism because you have already been Baptised. (6 June 2019)

*Accept The Holy Spirit.

*Follow the commanments in The Bible best you can.

*Love God with all Your Heart.
'Whole Heartedly' is what The Bible says.

*Do not take The Mark Of The Beast.
The mark on the forehead or right hand that you need to buy and/ or sell.

*Be willing to die for Jesus Christ.
So If your in a situation where they tell you; You have to renounce/ leave Jesus Christ or you will die eg beheaded.
Then you must not leave Jesus Christ.
If You do decide to leave.
Then you will go to Hell.
So don't leave Jesus Christ.
So that you will go to Heaven.
Assuming you follow the other rules and what God tells you to do etc.
So you must be willing or accept dying for Jesus Christ in order to go to Heaven.

*Also; Getting Baptised in water is not necessary.
However check back in the future because I may change my mind.
But I am pretty sure its not necessary.
Just Pray and ask God if you want/ need to know.

*This is the last days.
Because Barrack Obama is The Anti-Christ.
That means these things will happen right now or in the upcomming/ following years.
Because he is getting old.
So logically it will happen now/ soon.
*So The Mark Of The Beast will happen soon.
I don't know if The Mark Of The Beast will be 3 and a half years or 4 or even more.
But when I start hearing of The Mark Of The Beast.
I will decide to start preparing stocking up on water bottles, chocolates, lollies/ candy, tin/ can/ jar foods, long life foods, etc.
Unless there is a law in your country that prevents you from doing this.
(25 April 2019) Yes that means you will need to stock up for like 3 and a half years more or less (Crazy) unless you want to starve. (25 April 2019)
I also do not know when Rapture will happen.
It could be before The Mark Of The Beast or after etc.
Just make sure you are Saved.
And stay Saved.
Pray to God and ask God whether you are Saved or not.