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*31 May 2019

*I do not know if Hinduism is True or False.
But once again.
There is no real consequnce if you are a good person with good deeds/ actions, thoughts, etc.
You will probably get reborn a person etc.
But there is Hell (Forever) as a consequence for Christianity.
Thats why I pick to follow Protestant Christianity.

*Hinduism is.
Breaking out of the Life, Birth, death, etc cycle and joining with Brahman.
Brahman is the ultimate reality; The Permanent, unchanging, infinite?, etc ultimate reality.
Hindus break out of the life etc cycle and join with Brahman.

*(1 June 2019) Hinduism practices Idolatry.
If Christianity is real.
You will all go to Hell. (1 June 2019)

*Hindus worship the cow even though they say they don't.
This Testimony refers to the golden calf mentioned in The Bible.
You don't need to watch this Testimony.
'Think you can be Christian and do Yoga? PLS LISTEN TO THIS!'.
This is Idolatry.
I guess the Devil wants people to worship cows etc.
The Devil has India/ Hinduism.
Hinduism is False.

*So there isn't any consequence for not believing in Hinduism if you are a good person.
But there is Hell in Christianity.
Therefore You Should follow Protestant Christianity.
Because Hell Forever is a bad consequence.
Therefore follow Protestant Christianity.