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*14 May 2019

*I think a simple interpretation of The Bible about the Creation of Humankind.
God created Adam in human form.
Women came from man.
God created Adam and Eve in human form.
Evolution contradicts the simple interpretation of The Bible.

*If evolution is true.
That means God created Adam as an organism or creature.
And that creature evolved over time and what did that organism reproduce with?
Then that organism finally became Adam.
Then God took a rib from Adam.
And turned that rib which is Eve into a creature or organism.
And that organism evolved overtime and reproduced with what?
Then eventually becoming human form Eve.
So when Adam was evolving and reproducing that would mean there would of been other offspring.
Other humans besides Adam.
Same goes for Eve.
That would mean Adam and Eve are not the only humans based on evolution.
God said Adam needs a helper.
Why would God say that.
When based on evolution.
There would of been other humans in existence along side Adam due to reproduction and evolving over time.
That would mean Adam was the only human God created as human form.
And Eve is the 2nd human created in human form from Adam.
So this reproduction and evolving overtime and other humans coming into existence due to offspring.
Contradicts the simple interpretation of The Bible.
This evolution doesn't make sense from a Bible perspective.
You can't accept the Bible story and also accept Evolution.
Evolution and The Bible story contradict each other.

*I don't know anything about evolution other then simple stuff.
And I don't care.

*I can't disprove evolution.
I don't even know what it is.
And I don't care.
Evolution in animals and other creatures may be true.
But Evolution for Humans is not true.

*I obviously don't care what researches/ Scientists say.
If these guys contradict The Bible.
Then they are working for The Devil.
And you have sheep following what scientists and the government say.
'Saved' Christians are not sheep.
Because they know the truth.
I'm a sheep.
Your're a sheep.
We are all sheep.
And Jesus Christ is our Shepard.

*What came first.
The Egg or the Chicken?
The Chicken.
Because when God created creatures (Including Humans).
God created them in young/ child or adult form.
Therefore the Chicken came before the Egg.

*I always thought Evolution was wrong.
People actually believe in Evolution???
What the Hell, Earth, Heaven.

*People who believe in Evolution.
Go to Heaven.
You all need to go to Heaven.

*I am against those who think the evolution theory is so.
As well as Christians and Churches who allow their members to freelingy decide for themself to accept evolution or not.
If I had a Church.
I would make sure no one in that Church believes in evolution or don't join The Church.

*All the creatures including animals and humans don't come from one ancestor as evolution says.
Unless they all came from God which would make sense.
But thats not what evolution means.

*(17 May 2019) God is.
If there is nothing.
That is God.
If there is something.
That is God.
Either way or whatever else.
God is.
Is God crazy?
Why did God duplicate God billions of times over into Angels, humans, creatures?; Using God's Spirit.
God is just speaking to God. (17 May 2019)
(21 May 2019) I don't think I Blasphemed or something.
But I have repented etc none the less. (21 May 2019)
(18 May 2019) I don't like angels.
I don't like angels, demons, fallen angels and whatever else.
Nah I just don't like angels and so on. (18 May 2019)

*So I am against evolution.
It is a Lie from The Devil.
The Bible and evolution contradict.
So no Christian can accept both.

*(2022 August 4) Also forgot to add..
They say the earliest bone(s) or fossils found.. they named it lucy or luci.. which is short for lucifer.. So they are making fun of people.. because The bible is real and right..
And evolution at least for humans is made up.. (2022 August 4)

*In conclusion.
You either believe what God says.
Or you believe the Lie of The Devil.
You could potentially go to Hell if you believe in Evolution.
Even if you believe in Jesus.
Are you going to risk it?
So don't believe in evolution.