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*3 May 2019

*I always thought that you didn't have to get baptised in order to go to Heaven.
However I wasn't sure if you did or didn't.
So I figured that I would probably get baptised in the future because I don't want to go to Hell just because I decided no to get baptised.
So even though I thought that you didn't need to get baptised.
I was thinking that I would get baptised anyway because I just didn't know.
And because I didn't want to go to Hell because of not getting baptised.
That means I would get baptised.
So it is a fear tactic as to why I would get baptised.
Because I could be wrong and go to Hell.
That is why I would get baptised even though I thought I didn't have to get baptised.
I also Pray/ talk to God and God tells Me that I don't have to get baptised in order to get Saved.
But I just don't know.
I'm not going to risk going to Hell just because I decided not to get baptised.
So this is what my thoughts on getting baptised was.
I don't know if I was going to do it or not but this is what I was thinking.

*However yesterday and today.
I was reading about whether people need to get baptised or not.
And I found out about verses in The Bible that state that you need to that people use in argument for.
So I was reading about people who say you don't need to get baptised.
So I was checking out these verses and it seems that you do need to get baptised.
The thing about this was.
I read The Bible (Old and New) using The Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) and as I was reading it I would cross reference verses with NIV and KJV.
I also want to say I don't like the KJV because its not plain english.
(So far) Anyway I read The Bible using the CJB once and that included reading The New Testament twice using the CJB.
Point is.
When reading The New Testament I would read the word E.G. 'Immerse' and I didn't really know what it meant other then probably thinking people get immersed by The Holy Spirit or something.
But that word also means 'baptise'.
So that just changes my thinking on this.
Now I think that you do 'need' to get baptised in water.
So My conclusion right now is that you do need to get baptised in water.
The baptise verses are Acts 2 38, Mark 16 16, Matthew 28 19, Acts 22 16 and others.

So Acts 2 38 says that you need to repent 'and' get baptised 'then' you will get The Holy Spirit.

So I conclude that you do need to get baptised in water.

*So Right Now I think you do need to get baptised.

*Even if I am wrong.
I am not going to risk going to Hell just because I decided not to get baptised.
So Baptism is inevitable.

*I think that you have to get baptised 'if' you can.
If you can't get baptised then you will probably still be Saved.
But if you are in a position that you can get baptised.
Then you need to.

*Some people say you need to some people say you don't need to.
It is inevitable that you need to get baptised because are you going to risk going to Hell just because you decided not to do it.

*Also Jesus didn't die so that everyone gets into Heaven or without having to do other things.
Such as having to 'repent' and whatever else like believe in Jesus.
So you do need to do other stuff in order to get Saved.
Because if you didn't have to do anything that would mean everyone would go to Heaven after Jesus died etc.
But that isn't the case.
You need to do things such as repent and so on.
And in this case you will also have to get 'baptised'.
Repent and baptise are things you have to do.

*Regardless of what the other parts of The Bible says it can't refute or blot out these verses.

*Because I haven't joined a Church and gotten baptised.
Does that mean I am not saved and don't have The Holy Spirit?
I don't know.
But even now when I Pray to God and ask God about baptism.
God tells me I don't need to do it.
But obviously I'm not going to take that risk.
However God did tell me to write this.
That would mean if the Devil was speaking to me.
Why would the Devil want me to write about baptisim.
Especially when The Bible states that you 'need' to get baptised 'if' you can etc.
The Devil wouldn't tell me to create a Church.
Or tell me to Save people.
So obviously it must be God speaking to me.
Unless of course my Church is a false Church.
But that is up to the reader to decide.
I rely heavily on Christian Testimonies which probably some or many people disagree with.
Either I am right or I am wrong about the Christian Testimonies.
So I rely on The Bible, Prayer and the Christian Testimonies as my source etc.
However I have no way of knowing if God or The Devil is speaking to me.
But there are things that The Devil won't do.
So that is an example of how I discern things.
But who knows if God or The Devil is really speaking to me or to other Protestant Christians.

*I don't want to get baptised.
I don't even know what or how to get baptised.
Does it have to be full body or done in a lake/ beach etc.

*So because this Church is an online Church.
This is not a Church chain or even one Church etc.
I will probably contact some Church to get baptised.
But I will not be attending their Church or services etc.
I will only contact them to get baptised then I will be on my way.
Continuing with whatever I am doing.
I will probably look to get baptised this or next year.
So because this is not a brick and mortar church or chain.
That would mean it is recommended that you; If You Already haven't been baptised.
Contact a Church to get baptised as well.
Whether you decide to affiliate with them afterwards is up to you.

I don't know what Protestant Church denomination or whatever to get baptised by.
Maybe Lutheran?
Seventh-day Adventist Church?

I will update which church I go to in the future.
(3/Nov/2019) I got Baptised 2 days ago at a Seventh Day Adventist Church.
I have no plans on continuing with them.
I just had to get Baptised because The Bible says you have to get Baptised in order to go to Heaven.
So thats is what I did.
Also it was full body baptism. (3/Nov/2019)

*Also be sure to read 'How To Get Saved Part 3 (3 May 2019)'. (14 May 2019: Also available in the Posts tab/ section.)

*12 May 2019

*What came first.
The egg or the chicken?
The chicken came first.
Because when God created Adam and Eve.
God created them as young etc or children or adult form.
Therefore God created other creatures in their child or adult form too.
Therefore the chicken came before the egg.

*I don't want to get Baptised.
Can I Baptise myself.
I guess not.

*Then who Baptised the first Baptiser.
Or did God just give authority to the first Baptiser to Baptise other people.
And maybe someone that person Baptised eventually Baptised them.

*I also guess a person who Baptises has to be male.