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*11 April 2020 | April 11 2020

*When the corona virus is happening.
I wasn't even afraid.
Because I thought The Bible or Christian testimonies didn't speak of it.
And everyone or so were going crazy stocking up.
But I didn't want to stock up because I didn't find any Christian testimonies talking about the virus.

Because people were stocking up.
I couldn't buy the normal weekly grocery I usually buy.

So my presupposition was that I wasn't afraid.
And if I get the virus and die.
To die is to gain.
I will go to Heaven.
So I wasn't afraid.

Then I went on the internet looking for what others had to say on it.

Pretty much everyone was saying the same thing was to not fear and rely on God etc.

I watched Jesse Duplantis.
What's Behind the Coronavirus, Part 1-Jesse Duplantis
What's Behind the Coronavirus, Part 2-Jesse Duplantis
*I even watched Joseph Prince saying he prophesied the virus.
But I don't trust Joseph prince/ I am just referring to it.
Joseph Prince Prophesied The Coronavirus In 2018

*Then I watched more videos such as this one.
*This Christian Testimony told us to anoint the house and take 3 or so drops of the oil probably everyday.
I trust this video.
So I watched this video yesterday night.
And the next day which is today I went out to buy a few bottles of extra virgin olive oil and a pain brush.
So I came home and Prayed over the bottles and paint brush.
Also don't worry how you pray and pray tell God whats on your mind and what you want God to do.
So After I prayed over the olive oil.
I went and painted the front and back doors of my house.
The frame on the top and on the 2 sides.
I prayed God to guide me.
But I didn't paint the bottom.
Only the top and 2 side frames.
God also told me not to paint the side doors or any windows.
Just the front and back door.
After I was done.
I took a spoon and had around 3 drops of the holy oil.
And I will continue taking a few drops everyday until further notice.
So thats the solution for the corona virus.
The video also said that even if you wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose.
The virus will just enter through the eyes and ears.
So wearing masks and gloves does nothing.
But here this video I am talking about is the solution.

I also thought that If I was government I wouldn't close down businesses etc.
And I would make it law that everyone in public will have to wear a mask and gloves.
But after watching that testimony which says wearing a mask won't stop the virus going into your eyes or ears.

*Also before the corona virus.
There was one time I was stocking up for The Mark Of The Beast.
I would buy little by little things I needed week by week.
But I stopped because my family who are not Christian were probably verbally attacking me so I stopped.

*And now there is a corona virus world wide.
Even though I wasn't afraid and didn't want to stock up.
I did give money to my family and I also bought stuff to stock up.
Because My family were afraid or so Either of the corona virus or people on the streets/ shops fighting for supplies.

*Whats with toilet paper.
I have a bathroom with a shower in it.
You can wash yourself in the shower and my shower can take off the shower handle.
So why are you going crazy over toilet paper.

You people are all mad and crazy.
Only I wasn't afraid.
Because I trust In God and if I die I get to go to Heaven.

Also the video also says to stock up.
So now I want to stock up.
If God tells you to stock up.
You better stock up.
So I am ok with stocking up now.

And the video also says The Devil/ Hell created the corona virus.

*So the solution to the corona virus is that video.
Anoint your houses.
Take 3 or so drops of holy oil everyday.

*Also I don't know if you can use water.
Better to buy oil.

*Also the oil taste Terrible.

12 April 2020 | April 12 2020

*I also Prayed to God about the corona virus for it to be fixed etc.

So Christians must pray to God so God fixes the situation.

You can lay face / flat on the ground/ facing the ground with your arms and legs spread out.

Or you can get on your knees and pray that way.

Point is you have to Pray to God to fix the situation and pray for anything you want such as people dying, people who will get it, people who already have it, etc.

18 April 2020

*I disagree with churches closing down.

*Also I don't even go to church. Ha ha.
There is no requirement in The Bible to go.
Thats why I don't go.

*Only God can heal you.
If God doesn't heal you then you need a vaccine.
But if your a Real Christian all you need is God.

*I also watched this.
Which just tells you all you need is God and to keep practicing your faith which is Protestant Christianity/ The Bible/ Praying/ etc.
Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Rebukes churches response against Corona Virus

27 April 2020


Did this Testimony just say the devil is or has introduce a vaccine to the world and the vaccine will kill/ affect peoples health in a bad way.

Just as David Icke or whoever else says "Problem, Reaction, Solution". David icke who is not a Christian so he is irrelevant.

So the devil creates the corona virus and people are etc and now the devil will put out the vaccine world wide.

*So will it be mandatory/ law for everyone to get it?

If that is the case.

I prayed to God for my sake.
And God told me if I was put in a situation where I had to take it whether it be because of family or whatever then God said "Yes" take it.

But each persons situtation is different so be sure to pray to God about what you should do.

Also the vaccine and the mark of the beast is different.

I would never take the mark of the beast even at the stake of my own life.