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*30 May 2019

*I honestly and truthfully cannot say Catholicism is True.
It makes me want to break away from Catholicism and create my own Church or Movement.
I guess thats what other Protestants did.
I guess we agree on that.
Anyone who is Catholic is ignorant or is Retarded.
Catholicism does not make me want to join it.
Anyone who is Catholic is going to Hell.

*Catholicism has 7 Sacraments.
Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the sick, Holy orders and Matrimony.

*Baptism is ok.
But I think people should get Baptised when they agree to it.
Not when they are a baby that can't agree to it.

*I disagree with Confirmation.
I don't think its 'necessary'.

*Eucharist is ok.
But I disagree with how the Catholic Church does it.
Do they sacrifice Jesus over and over again every time when they do the Eucharist.
Of course Catholics will say they don't.
Or they re present it; Whatever that means.
About the Bread and Wine.
If I had to pick one it would be that.
The whole of the Bread and Wine is transformed into The Body And Blood of Jesus Christ so that you are not consuming any bread and wine.
But the appearance etc of The Bread and Wine remain the same.
Which is probably what Catholics also believe.

*I disagree with Penance.
I don't think you have to do that with a priest.
Even Lutherans do this which I disagree with.
I believe that all you have to do is just Pray to God for Forgiveness.
And you will be Forgiven.
Thats it.

*And I don't know about the other Sacraments.


*The Bible says do not call anyone "Father".
So why do you call the pope, priests "Father".
You will go to Hell for it.
I guess other characters call themself or others "Father" in The Bible.
But I don't know why.
But none the less you will go to Hell for calling the pope and priests "Father".

*The Catholic Church has statues, images, etc.
I don't care what anyone says.
This is Idolatry and you will go to hell for it.
(1 June 2019) Even if you don't Pray/ worship statues, images, etc.
I think thats still Idolatry even if you don't pray or worship them.
So You Will go to hell for Idolatry. (1 June 2019)

*Why Do You Pray to or through the pope, priests, mary, etc.
Intercession of saints.
Pray, worship, etc.
I don't care what anyone says; You will go to Hell for it.

*You call mary.
Queen, Queen of Heaven, etc.
You will go to Hell for it.

*Faith and works.
This is also false.
If Jesus did that thing to clear you of your Sins.
Then why would you need to do anymore (good works) in order to go to Heaven.
Therefore it doesn't make any sense.
Of course you will need to do things such as accept God, Repent, Accept The Holy Spirit, etc.
But you certainly don't have to do anymore such as good works in order to go to Heaven.
This False teaching will lead you to Hell.
Catholicism will take you to Hell.

*Purgatory is not real.
So purgatory is for Catholics only. (And then they go to Heaven.)
It doesn't matter if purgatory is real or not.
Because you will either end up in Heaven or Hell in the end.
So whether purgatory is real or not is irrelevant.

*Catholicism also says that Jesus Chirst went to Hell.
Even if Jesus did.
It doesn't say so in The Bible etc.

*Priests and celibacy.
I think Prists are allowed to marry.

*Catholics and other protestants including Lutheran don't accept contraception.
But I think its fine.
I wonder how many Catholics and other Christians use Contraception even though their Church says they can't.

*I think Catholicism allows its members to free willingly accept Evolution or not.
Evolution for humans is False.
No one can join my Church if they accept Evolution.

*(31 May 2019) The pope is The False Prophet mentioned in The Bible. (31 May 2019)

*The only thing I like about Catholicism.
Is that it has great influence on this world. (Or at least some parts of the world.)

*I honestly and truthfully can't say that the Catholic Church is True.
But it makes me want to break away from it and create my own Church or Movement.
I can't think of a good reason to join the Catholic Church.
Anyone who is Catholic is going to Hell.

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It says:
"then the lord took me to a woman called christine she had a long cross attached to her neck, she was a catholic, she said to me i did not know i thought catholic church was fine, jesus said to me go tell catholic i am no longer on the cross but they continue to crucify me and i am not a statue jesus said they are making images representing me, go tell them that they are all worshipping the antichrist, the person that is on the cross is not me but the antichrist, jesus said many of them are looking for a blessing from the so called blessed holy water but this is a water extracted from the bodies of the deads and are mixed it normal water he said catholicism is in covenant with the spirit of death, then the lord showed me the pope john paul 2 in hell, he had a huge snake around his neck, jesus said no catholic will ever enter heaven because this church is in occultism and in covenant with death the lord said i am not in this church because of the blood of the saint and occultism, then we left the pope"

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