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*31 May 2019

*I think that Buddhism is false.
I don't believe in it.

*So to reach Enlightenment/ Nirvana you have to follow the eight fold path.
So Buddhism is all about breaking out of the life/ birth/ death cycle.

*Buddhism is hilarious.
Do you really expect an average joe to be able to cut out their desires/ wants etc.
Its virtually impossible to reach enlightment.
How can you cut away from worldly things.
Buddhism is a joke.
In fact Buddha also gave a how to guide into how to achieve Enlightenment. (The eight fold path).
Ha... A how to guide.
Thats hilarious.
So if you follow this guide.
You will become Enlightened.
That is hilarious.
Do you really expect average joes to achieve or be able to do this.
I don't think so.

*I don't think Buddha ever said or evidence to say that Buddha said there is no soul.
It was just later/ after Buddha died that they said it.

*I also don't think that Buddha also said or is evidence to say that Buddha said that he knows that he reincarnated/ rebirth into other lives.
This was probably made up after buddha died.

*Talking about no soul.
If there is no soul.
Then what does the good and bad deeds/ karma get attached to if there is no soul?
Whatever this gets attached to must be a soul.
Call it whatever you want.
But it looks like a soul to me.
If there is no soul.
In the beginning.
If there is no soul.
Then where does the will come from to become human.
Therefore there is a soul.
Call it whatever you want.
But it looks like a soul to me.
Is there a soul?
According to Christianity.
A soul/ Spirit all comes from one thing.
It all comes from God.
There is only one soul/ spirit.
God just duplicated God a billion or so times.

*(1 June 2019) Statues, images, necklaces, accessories, etc.
I think that there are people out there that do pray to statues, buddha, deities, monks, etc in Buddhism.
Of course Buddhism says they are not meant to or do not pray to statues and other etc.
But I think some people do.
It doesn't matter if you pray or worship things in Buddhism or not.
I think that is still idolatry.
If You Buuild statues, images, necklaces, etc but don't pray or worship them.
I think that's still Idolatry.
So You Will all go to Hell if Christianity is real. (1 June 2019)

*The good thing about Buddhism is.
That if you do good deeds and thoughts etc.
You should be born a human again.
Not an animal or whatever.
So there really isn't any bad consequence if you don't believe in Buddhism.
But with Christianity.
There is a Hell.
Thats why I am with Protestant Christianity.
Because if you pick the wrong religion.
You will go to Hell.
So therefore as long as you are a good person.
There is no real consequnce in Buddhism for your next life.
But because there is Hell in Christianity.
That is the reason why I pick to follow Christianity.
Because there is a bad consequence; Which is Hell.

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