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*11 May 2019

*The argument of intelligent design vs creation out of chaos is irrelevant.
Becauce you can't tell if something is intelligently designed or not. (Referring to non man made stuff).
You can't.
So therefore this argument is irrelevant.

If someone from our universe thinks this world is normal.
And then this person goes to another universe and sees that that universe is all out of place and makes no sense.
That person will say that that universe has no creator or no intelligent design.
And If someone from that other universe thinks their universe is normal.
Then comes to our universe and sees that everything is wrong and out of place.
They would think that there is no God/ Creator or intelligent design in our universe.
So therefore both these people or creatures can't say there is a God or intelligent design.

So this argument is irrelevant.
However I will try to argue for Intelligent design based on our universe etc.

*The other day a thought of internal organs of the human body popped into my mind.
I I thought this looks like intelligent design to me.
Thinking the internal organs which are complex and working together and the 5 senses like taste, sight, hearing, etc and the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, teeth definitely looks intelligently designed to me.
So how come surgeons and doctors who deal with this don't think its intelligent design.
These things together definitely looks intelligently designed.
So with that.
I try to think of other things that are or look intelligent designed.
I come up with humans, flowers, animals, fruits and vegetables.
There are many different fruits with different flavours.
Fruits are definitely intelligently designed.
If fruits were uneditable.
I would say they were not intelligently designed.
I can't say trees and autumn trees are intelligently designed because it doesn't look like it to me.
The earth and universe don't look intelligently designed to me either.
But Creatures - Humans/ animals, fruits and vegetables and flowers look intelligently designed to me.

*So who is the intelligent designer?

*Is there a God?

*I read somewhere over the years about 'Hinduism?' that.
There are gods and deities who think their the highest.
But unknown to them there are gods and deities above them.
And there are gods and deities above these.
And etc.
Point is.
How does God or the God Of The Bible know that God is God and there is no other God?
I don't know.
I will ask God when I see God.
I guess God is an atheist.
Because If God can't see any other God then that must mean God is the only God.

*The alien theory.
Aliens could of created humans.
Aliens could of easily created the world religions.
In fact aliens could of stages/ orchestrated all the past events in The Bible and also future prophecies yet to come.
How do I refute this?
I can't.
It really comes down to whether you believe Jesus or not.
If you pick wrong.
Then you will go straight to Hell.
So pick wisely.
Also then who created aliens?
Also based on Christianity perspective.
Aliens are demons.
Aliens are some sort of creation of God.
Demons or fallen angel or something.
They are demons.
Also to get rid of spirits, demons, etc.
All you have to do is get Saved.
And Pray to get rid of them.
Eg. "I Pray In The Name Of Jesus Christ to get all the demons, etc out of my house. I Pray In The Name Of Jesus Christ."
Thats all you have to do after you get Saved.

*There are other religions which give their perspective on life but I disagree with them.

*Maybe when people die.
They ascend to higher planes.
But this makes no sense to me without there being a God.

*So If people exist and are reproducing and is ongoing.
If there is no God then this makes no sense to me.

*There being a God makes sense to me.
There has to be an end.
In this case Heaven and Hell.

*So if people exist and they keep reproducing.
And there is no God.
This just makes no sense to me.
Only there being a God makes sense to me in this scenario.

*So there being no God.
And any other explanations.
Make no sense to me.
The only explanation to this scenario.
Is that there is a God.
So if people exist and are reproducing ongoing.
There being a God is the only thing that makes sense to me.

Therefore there is a God.
And that God is God The Father, Jesus Christ And The Holy Spirit.

*I was listening to Christian music yesterday which can be found in the 'Other; section/ tab.
Then for some reason I decided to look up intelligent design.
Then I played the song called 'Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 7'.
He said the word "Sun".
And I was thinking the sun, earth, universe don't or I can't say it looks intelligently designed.
But Then I thought the 'purpose' of the sun.
I learnt about Photosynthesis in science class.
But I didn't pay attention in school.
I also want to say quickly.
We also learnt about Evolution.
I wasn't a Protestant Christian or believed in Jesus or know about evolution back then.
When I saw pictures/ drawings about different species/ organisms comparing their transformation.
I thought this was wrong.
And I was expecting someone in the class to speak up or say something.
But no one did.
And I just left it at that.
Looking back.
The class/ school was multicultural.
So I am hoping others would of also thought it was weird.
Anyway; Continuing on.
I quickly looked up photosynthesis.
And concluded that this proves intelligent design.
The Plants and Trees taking in sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and whatever else; And producing oxygen for life to breathe.
All this working together as such proves intelligent design.
That's it.
So The plants and trees taking in sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and producing oxygen for life to breathe.
That just proves intelligent design.
How can anyone refute that.

*(5 June 2019) Also.
Many vegetables don't look or their uses don't look intelligently designed to me.
I can only think of potatoes and corn (which is a fruit/ vegetable and grain).
Thats all I can think of that looks intelligently designed for vegtables.
Tomatoes and cucumbers are fruits it seems.
Peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pumpkin seeds, etc are fruits it seems; And they look/ uses intelligently designed to me as fruits do.
Grains such as rice looks intelligently designed to me.
There isn't much vegetables that look/ uses etc are intelligently designed to me.
But pretty much all fruits look/ uses are intelligently designed to me. (5 June 2019)

*So In summary/ Conclusion.
*I think that creatures - Humans/ animals etc, fruits and vegetables and flowers look intelligently designed to me.
Photosynthesis proves intelligent design... Is what I think.
There has to be a God for this world and humans to make sense.
And Jesus Christ is God.