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*29 June 2019

*I have always been anti mental health my whole life.

*I want to seperate mental health from government.

*I want to close down all the government funded mental institutions and the like.

*I want to stop forced medication.
No one can be forced to take medication.

*The only way to do this.
Is to get into government and make law changes.
Support my political party here.

*This is what medication does:
-It messes with Your mind.
You will have difficulty thinking the way you use to think.
-It makes you walk around a lot.
-It has a disturbing feeling in your body 24/ 7.
-If You Can't swallow the medication.
You will have to eat it.
It taste terrible.
It can also make you want to vomit out the medication.
-There were times that I would feel terrible after taking the medication.
Then at night time I would have breathing difficulties.
Chest pains.
I had difficult breathing.
This would go on for like 5 hours or until I passed out.
Then it would go away.
This was very tormenting.
It has happened many times to me.
-It makes you drowsy.
-Reduced sex drive. (What the Hell.)
-Risk of suicide.
-Risk of homicide.

*Mental health people want to voluntary or involuntary make anyone who isn't thinking right or behaving right or etc to take medication.
They want the majority or whole population to take medication.
Here is a list of people who these people think they should be on medication.
-Depressed people.
Everyone is depressed about something.
-Anxiety people.
-Anyone with a mental illness.
-Domestic violence people.
I just want to say domestic violence happens world wide.
What about it.
Unless someone gets stabbed or shot then who cares.
-People who are in jail.
Because they are not thinking right when they commited the crime.
-Verbal altercations/ arguments.
-Physical violence.
-Multiple personality.
-People who say they saw a ghost, demon, aliens, bigfoot, black eyed kids, sleep paralysic, night terrors, etc.
-People who are into conspiracy theory.
-People who smoke or do illegal drugs.
-Vegan and vegetarians.
Because their not thinking right.
-Religious people.
E.G. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.
Thats billions of people.
Thats the majority of the population.
Because anyone who believes in God or does spirituality is crazy.
Mental health don't believe in spirit/ soul.

*So Mental health people want to make all these people take medication.

*Heres a statement to back up my statement.

If someone is shot or stabbed.
Its the role of a doctor/ surgeon to help they person regardless of discrimination.

So therefore.
If someone is deemed mentally ill.
It is the role of a mental health worker to make them take mental health medication.

So Yes I am right.

*You can't be religious and accept Mental health.
You can't have both.
Mental health is against God.
They don't believe in God.
Anyone who believe in God is crazy.
So how can you be both when mental health doesn't support religions.
They are against it.

*If I was a mental health worker.
I would either change careers or take out the medication from my belief system completely.
I would focus on talking to the patient.
I would talk about their problems and help them move on with their life.
Talking is what normal people already do anyway.
But I would not use any medication.
But talk to the patient instead.
So If Your thinking what you will do if my political party wins and makes law changes.
Then that is what you can do.

*Under my government.
You can't be involuntary admitted for being risk of suicide or attempted suicide.
What will happen is.
The people at that persons house can look after that person.
The people there can monitor the person and persuade that person to continue on with their life.
But if that person continues to commit suicide anyway.
Then what about it.
You done all you could.
Even if someone doesn't have support.
They can seek professional help and talk to them.
Or call the police or something for assistance.
I don't know about calling free 24 hour mental health hotlines.
Because if you give them your address or if they can track your address.
Next thing you know they'll be police and ambulance outside your house.
But some people actually want help.
Not me.

*Also with suicide.
First off I want to say that.
Anyone who commits suicide will go to Hell.
So don't commit suicide.

*I also want to say.
I know other people are also thinking this.
And that is.
Government schools need to implement a suicide program to teach students about it.
They need to brain wash students into thinking that suicide is never the option.
This should be implement in each year.
Preschool?, Kindergarten, yr 1, yr 2, yr 3, etc. (12 July 2019: Edited)
All years.

Also while your at it.
Teach them about jail.
Not to assault, hit people, weapons, stab, shot, guns, sexual assault, drugs etc.

The crime and suicide rates will greatly decrease with the next generation.

*Why did God make it that.
Some people want to help people.
And some people don't want to get helped.

*I believe anyone/ everyone can do whatever they want to as long as their not hurting no one else.
Even if they hurt someone else they will go to jail.
Then when they served their time they will be released back into society.
If they commit another crime.
The same thing happens.

*I believe anyone can do whatever they want to do as long as their not hurting anyone else.

If someone wants to be anti social.
Let them.
Whats it to you?

If someone wants to be isolated.
Let them.
Whats it to You.

If someone wants to be depressed.
Let them.
Whats it to you.

No one should be involuntary admitted for being mentally ill.
That is a main law change I want to make.
No one will be involuntary admitted for being mentally ill.

Anyone can do whatever they want to do as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

*Also if you commit a crime you go to jail.
Not to a mental institution.
If You commit a crime you go to jail.
Thats it.

*A lot of mental health diorders/ illnesses are over exaggerated.
Unless its a severe case.
If I had a child.
And that child had a 'severe' case of autism, schizophrenia, or whatever.
I would not let my child take medication.
I would monitor the child closely.
And tell the child not to commit any assaults and the like.
I will also Pray to God for Healing.
If that doesn't work.
I will go around to all the Churches until I find one that can heal my child.
I may have to go international.
If none of these don't work.
I still won't make my child take medication.
I will just monitor and look after my child closely.

*I was involuntary admitted on 23 Oct 2017 to 17 Nov 2017.
I then got out and was put on a community treatment order (CTO).
I am currently on a cto and forced to take medication.
A cto is just I get to live at home but have to attend set appointments and be forced to take medication, etc.

*I was involuntary admitted because I was told that.
I was barricading my self in my room with a samurai sword and saying I will kill anyone who enters.
As well as saying the police can not take me alive.
Something like that did happen I admit.
But if the laws were different and people can do whatever they want then I wouldn't have been involuntary admitted.
Even if I or will hurt someone then just take me to jail.
I would rather go to jail then be involuntary admitted.
Or be put on a cto "forced to take medication".
Also for this incident how long can they keep me in jail for.
Not long I would think.

I've read articles that say that people have been shot dead for wielding swords and weopons by the police.
That means I could of been shot.
Ha ha.

*So I was in my room and the door was locked.
The police got into my room somehow and pounched on me and handcuffed me and put me into a police vehicle and took me to the hospital.
What a traumatic experience.
And God expects me to forgive everyone involved.

*(in the hospital/ ward) I was put on medication tablets and injection.
The medication made my body burn and be agitated, uncomfortable, etc; 24/ 7.
Right now there is no burning but I feel very uncomfortable 24/ 7.

*At night time.
I had breathing difficulties.
My chest was hurting.
It was uncomfortable.
It would go away after I passed out.
This would go on for a number of times I was there.
I also heard another patient complain to the doctor that it was hurting their chest at night too.
How can this be legal.

*There was no internet connection at that place.
There was a basketball court, pool table, boxing bag, tv, etc.
But there was no internet.
It was so boring.
There was nothing to do.
The hospital food was good.
But this was the worst hotel I've been to.
It was so boring.
The medication also made me lie down for rest/ sleep a number times during the day.

*All I did was walk up and down the aisle/ corridors.
All I did was walk up and down all day and night around the building area inside and outside.
This situation was so bad.
It was so terrible.
Caged like an animal.
I lost all my rights and privileges.
I was so vulnerable.
Being monitored 24/ 7 even while I sleep.
I was walking up and down the aisles.
It was a terrible experience.
I then realised that Hell would be worst than this experience.
If I were to die then I would be in Hell.
It would be so uncomfortable being in Hell.
So I realised that Hell is worst than this experience.
So I decided that I will get Saved asap when I get out.
Also I was already into and greatly influenced by Christianty since 2012/ 13.
So I Was probably going to get Saved anyway.
But this made it faster.
When I got out.
I think I got Saved on 6 Feb 2018.
Thats what I wrote down on my computers notepad.
I think I followed the steps that is written in 'How To Get Saved' in the 'posts' tab/ section.
When I got Saved I looked at the time and it said 1:22 PM.
So I got Saved on 6 Feb 2018 around 1:22 PM.
Ha ha.

*I also want to say that when I got out of involuntary admission and put on a cto.
When I was on a cto which I am still on.
There are days which.
I would feel really uncomfortable and my body isn't functioning normal because of the medication.
And at night.
I would have breathing difficulties.
This breathing difficulty is so very annoying.
It is so very annoying.
It will go on and on and on.
And it will stop after I pass out.
Usually after 5 hours of torment.
This should be illegal.
This should be Illegal.

*Forced medication and involuntary admission should be against human rights.

*Also months or so after I got out of involuntary admission.
I fell very sick for 4 weeks.
I don't know where the sickness came from.
But what else could it be from other then the medication.

One time I had to keep spitting saliva into the sink or bin every few seconds.
Or It my mouth/ body will be too uncomfortable and will need to spit.
So I Had to keep spitting for 6 hours then it stopped and I could rest.

I don't know when this happen.
It could of been for a week or a 2 or 3 weeks within the 4 weeks.
But I had to keep walking around my house inside and outside all day.
My body coudln't lie down or sit still.
It had to keep moving.
I had to keep walking around.
And when I got tired.
I tried to lie down.
But my body would become very uncomfortable so I would have to get back up and continue to walk around.
So it will be like this over and over and over again all day.
So I would walk around and around.
And when I needed to lye down because I wanted rest.
I couldn't and had to get back up and continue to walk around.
I had to continuously constantly walk around and couldn't lye down for a moments rest.
It was insane.
I wasn't allowed to rest.
It was walk walk walk lye down get back up walk walk walk lye down but i couldn't lye down because my body wouldn't let me so I would need to keep walking.
I was so tired.
And at night time.
I would need to get in the right position to lie down in bed.
So I would go lye down in bed only to get back up and walk around.
And keep doing this until I got into the right position to lye down.

This went on for 4 weeks.
I don't know what caused it.
But the walking around reminded me of when I was in the hospital (Involuntary admission).
What else could it have been but the medication.

*Also I've told my doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, etc this (All/ many of these things) but they tell me tell can't do nothing about it but keep me on medication.
This should be illegal.
This should be illegal.
This should be illegal.


I have 2 simple points to argue against mental health/ psychiatry.

*One is.
If something bad happens to someone they will feel bad/ sad.
If something good happens to someone they will feel good.
If something bad happens to someone they will feel depressed.

It is internal and external factors/ influences that cause mental illness.

Mental illness is not a brain/ body disease, infection, disorder, etc.

It is cause by interntal/ external factors that happen in someones life.
Its very simple.

*the other point is.
People are different.
They think differently and behave differently.
There is no problem with that.
If someone commits a crime then they will go to jail.
Its very simple.
But because of personality.
People are different.
It has nothing to do with a disease.
People are just different.
And that is fine.

*So these two simple points argue against mental health, psychiatry, etc.

From a Christianity/ Christian perspeective.

Mental illness is caused by something along the lines of demons, spirits, or not being right with God.
And the only way to heal you is to Pray to Jesus Christ for healing as stated above.

Multiple personality, sleep paralysis, night terrors, voices not from heaven, violent thoughts to attack someone, etc are all from demons/ spirits.
Its so simple.

Yes I am a Saved Christian.
So I believe in this.
Of course simple things such as simple events that make someone happy or sad is obvious.
But severe cases such as voices (not from God etc), violent thoughts, seeing things, etc; Are demonic/ spirits.
I am Christian.
So I believe in this.
And I believe only Jesus Christ can heal the severe cases.
Medications won't do anything.
Medications only make it worst then they already are.
Medications probably open you up to more spirtitual attack like drugs and alocohol does.

*There has been no chemical imbalance in the brain found.
So this is a lie.
There is no chemical imbalance.
Such as it is said.
The only chemical imbalance there is; Is when you take medication.

*Also medication doesn't work.
It doesn't make you forget.
Or make you feel better over an incident.
I am on medication and the involuntary event makes me real angry.
So medication doesn't work.

*I'm on a cto.
Every time I bring up God and Christianity.
They get awkward.
If I told them God speaks to Me they will never let me off the cto.

*(2 July 2019) Shootings and medication.
Medication definitely didn't prevent the shootings.
The medication 'could of' made them more crazier.
The medication could of made it worst.

*(15 August 2019) I wrote this on my political website but I will also mention it here.
One time I was in a mental institution/ hospital.
And I was talking to another person who was also in the mental institution who was also a patient etc.
I was telling the other person how bad the mental institution is and how wrong it is.
Then a lady walks into the place and walks by hearing abit of the conversation.
And says something like "That's why its called "Mental" Health."

Another thing I mentioned was.
Mental Hellth.
Mental Heallth. (15 August 2019)

*This Testimony speaks about inflicting people with schizophrenia, depression, etc probably using demons, spirits, etc.
That means the only healing to these severe cases is Praying to Jesus for Healing.
You do not need to watch this Testimony because its just a reference.
Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony (2 July 2019)

*Anyone who doesn't support my political party "and" isn't "Saved" is going to Hell.
My political party wants to seperate mental health from government.
And stop forced medication/ injections.

My suffering is only temporary.
I will go to heaven soon enough.
But You.
The mental health worker and those who support mental health will go to hell.
Just like I was a prisoner.
You too.
Will be imprisoned in Hell.
You will get locked down there forever.
And forced to do things you don't want to do like being put on fire forever.
My suffering is only temporary.
I will get Raptured soon.
And I will be in Heaven and free.
Hell is so bad.
I want to laugh at you so hard.
But Hell is so bad.
So I won't laugh at you.

Why is it.
That people reject Jesus when their alive.
But when they end up in Hell.
They plead to God to get them out of there.
But God won't get you out of there.
You are there forever.
Don't be one of these people.
Get Saved asap.
You could of died yesterday.
So to "Everyone."
Get Saved Asap.

*Anyone who doesn't support my political party "and" isn't "Saved" is going to Hell.
Be sure to read/ watch this website on how to get Saved.
Be sure to read 'Church Rules' on the tab section etc.

*Here is a list of those who are against mental health in some way.

*Dr Thomas Szasz on Psychiatry
Dr Thomas Szasz doesn't believe in God.

*Do You Have a Biochemical Imbalance? - Dr. Breggin's Simple Truths

*Part I: Dr Peter Breggin - Making of The Conscience of Psychiatry

*How to Help the Suicidally Depressed Person--Dr. Peter Breggin's 5th 'SimpleTruths About Psychiatry'

*Psychologist Toby Watson—Psychiatry is Misleading the Public About Mental Disorders
Toby Watson is a Lutheran.


I agree that brain scans don't prove a disease.
Thats a lie.

*Dr Peter Gřtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

Robert Whitaker: Messages to GP's & Psychiatrists










*(11 July 2019) Joel Marcus, MD – the psychiatrist who drugged me into a toxic stupor (Berkeley, CA)