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*6 July 2019

*5 List.

*A creativity game/ acitivity.

*All you have to do is.

Get someone to think up 5 things or you can use a random word generator to generate 5 words.
Then when you get those 5 words.
You try to draw a picture using those 5 words.
Thats it.

*Here is an example.

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*I also did animations using 5 list.



*Thats it.

*Here are some animations I did in high school in yr 11/ 12. (Around 10 years ago.)

*F F A++

*Pink Floyd The Wall

*Bouncy Ball

*I didn't do good at school because I didn't study.
However when I finished school I knew exactly what I wanted to be.
A 3d Animator.
But I didn't become that.
I didn't even do 3d animation.
After I finish school I would become unemployed and I still am.
Ha ha.

*Also during the years.
Around 2013/ 14.
I wanted to create a 3d animated feature film for world wide release in cinemas.
I wanted to use the book property 'The Animals Of Farthing Wood' as well as other properties.
I think The animals of farthing wood would of made hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office maybe even around 1 billion dollars.
And then I would make another 1 billion dollars from home distribution.
The film rights to the animals of farthing wood were available but they didn't give it to me.
Ha ha.