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*14 March 2018 | March 14 2018

*I don't know how to tell how old something is.
But the material and so for the earth was laying around for sometime. (Before the earth was created).
Which means the earth can be 100's of millions, billions of years old.
And the current form of the earth can be how old The Bible says it is.
So the earth can be both 100's of years old and what The Bible says.
Or the science that says the earth is 100's of millions or so of years old is just wrong.
And earth or whatever is how old The Bible says it is.

I've seen at least one person say something like this.
So I guess others probably think the same.

15 March 2018

The age of dinosaurs is also wrong.
At Least Based on The Bible.

So If science lied about the age of dinosaurs.
They are probably lying about the age of the earth.

I don't even know if dinosaurs are real or not.

They also lied about Evolution.

There is no Big Bang.
At Least Without a God.
There is no The Big Bang Theory if there is no God.
That is false.

The earth is probably flat.

I don't have a problem with science.
Only the parts in science that contradict The Bible.

19 March 2018

*I Don't even know if planets are real.
I don't even know if space is real.